Yohania de Armas Gandaria

Yohania de Armas Gandaria

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Yohania is a Legal Consultant by profession, graduated with honors from the Law School of the University of Havana in 2009. She is the Vice-President of the Spanish foundation Academy of Therapies and Complementary Medicines and co-founder and CO in Madrid of the company La Cabaña Consulting Group, focused in development of business in Cuba. Yohania is an expert in Administrative, Commercial and Intellectual Property Law, also having experience in institutional relations, design and management of business projects and other areas.

She is the President of the Ibero-American Network of Young Leaders, a Spanish association composed of the more than 900 young people from 23 countries, all of them selected for their exceptional academic trajectory and leadership skills. She has participated in the prestigious Ibero-American Young Leaders Program of the Carolina Foundation, sponsored by Banco Santander and the Rafael del Pino Foundation.

She worked for 5 years as Legal Director of the University of Havana and as a professor at Law School of this university. He has participated in national and international events and has done postgraduate studies in Real Rights, Criminal Law, Cultural Heritage, Copyright and Economic Law.

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