José Ignacio Morales

José Ignacio Morales


Ignacio had more than 20 years of financial and commercial experience, both in financial markets (private and investment banking) and in projects and management of multinational companies in Spain and other countries. Currently he is the General Director of Frontera Capital Group, an investment fund and business bank specialized in emerging markets, with office in London, as well in the ADGM Financial Center of Abu Dhabi, financial group authorized and regulated by the British FCA, the Dutch AFM and the FSRA of the United Arab Emirates.

Only in the first year after foundation this group financed operations for over one billion dollars in foreign and local currency, bonds, credits, swaps, forfaiting debt, etc., designing and implementing complex financial solutions to enhance development of frontier or emerging countries’ economies.

The main areas of action are LatAm and the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, with projects currently in progress in Brazil, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Argentina and Cuba, Angola, Kenya , Egypt, Rep. Congo, Malawi, Zambia and Madagascar, Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

To the experiences and capacities in capital markets join corporate finance activities through the extensive macro and microeconomic analysis, the monitoring of these markets and the local knowledge of companies, investors, national and regional governments, multilateral development institutions, country risk insurers, legal framework in recipient countries and in investors (Privatizations, Mergers and Acquisitions, PPPConcessions , Project Advisory & Project Finance , Venture Capital, Search strategic partners, market expansion, Private placements, risk hedging , etc.). Operations carried out focused in transport, energy, water, health and education infrastructures; capital goods, industrial plants, hotels, agribusiness, naval and aeronautics, trading of commodities like oil and derivatives, soy, rice, sugar, coffee, cement, medicines and minerals.

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